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OneDayProject Program

OneDayProject program was created specially for customers who not do not wish to do a complete renovation but maybe just a particular area.
Our OneNightProject program was uniquely tailored for Boutique and Restaurants who can’t stop business in day time but still wish to have renovations done.

We offer 3 options for OneDayProjects.

  1. Decorative Paints for project 10-30 sq.m. will applying in One day.
    • You could decorate the main wall in the living room, or head bed’s side, etc.
    • No dust, no smell, without noise.
    • All our Decorative Paints is water base and ECO-friendly.
  2. Custom made MDF panels according to the wall size will be painted in our studio.
    • Panels 10-30 sq.m. will be install in one day.
  3. Frescoes with ordered image will be printed according to the wall’s size.
    • Fresco could be without connections in size Height 3 meters and long up to 100 meters.
    • Fresco 10-30 sq.m. could be install in One day.

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