About Us

Wall Paint Decor Co., Ltd was established in Bangkok in 2011.

Our company is dedicated to setting a new standard of interior wall decoration, specializing in luxurious Italian Stucco and decorative painting techniques.

Co-operating with designers and architects we create cozy atmospheres in the hotels, resorts, villas, apartments, restaurants, clubs etc.

Stucco Travertino
Showroom, Wall Paint Decor Co., Ltd , Bangkok

Our Products

  • Italian Stucco & Decorative Paints
  • Stencils, Art Wall Decoration
  • Professional  Tools for Decorators
  • 3D Photo Wall Canvas
  • Mural Paintings
  • Stone Veneer

Our Services

Our company offers a wide range of interior & exterior wall decoration services, including professional training from Artisan Decorators, sales and distribution of Stucco and professional tools nessesary for application.

Stucco Veneziano, Piya

Italian Stucco &
Decorative Paints

We select the best Stucco from Italian producers.
100% made in Italy.

Stucco for sales

Sales & Distribution

Assisting clients with products selection, deliver our premium Stucco across various regions.

Our service application & Master-classes

Exlusive painting services, training for decorators who wish to learn artistic painting techniques.

Tools & Accessories

Professional decorative tools necessary for applying Italian Stucco & decorative paints.

Decorators, Wall Paint Decor Co., Ltd

Our Team

We strive to continuously improve our techniques and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in wall decorations to to ensure that we are always offering the best solutions for our clients needs.

Why Choose Us

The Top-Class Decorative Finishes for interior and facades

Fast Building

Projects delivery on time, top quality and post-work service.

Eco - Friendly

We focus on ecological building materials.

Perfect Design

Creative and innovative solutions for your home.

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