Introduction in Decorative Finishes

A modern interior design trend is unthinkable without decorative coatings.

For the convenience of our clients, we have grouped various wall textures into different types of designs.

  1. Stucco /Venetian Plasters
  2. Stucco Velvet
  3. Texture & Loft
  4. Sandy Paint
  5. Metalic Paint
  6. Country & Vintage Styles
  7. Art & Exclusive Painting

Venetian Plaster

Well known around the world like a classical Italian Stucco. Smooth, matt or glossy, aloud to reach a various of effects. We providing a different formula of Stucco with additional marble chips.

Stucco Velvet

The unique Velvet Stucco, combined effects of classical Venetian Plaster and modern Pearl effect. 

Texture Coating

Lime based Stucco with selected marble chips, aloud to reach various textured design – Travertino Stone, Beton, Loft, Rustic and more…

Sandy Effects

Decorative paint with textured sandy effect, contains metalic pearlescent pigments.

Metallic Paint

Decorative paint, contains metallic pearlescent pigments.

Country & Vintage Style

Decorative quartz plaster, ideal finishing for rustic and country stile, interior and exterior walls.

Artistic & Exclusive Painting

We strive to continuously improve our techniques and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in wall decorations

Samples Library

Each color brings out a different mood and ambience. Find a color & texture that matches your personality.

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