Pradipat Residence

Project Info


Khun Pharit Phiromphukdee



Project Year

2013, 2015, 2017


Interior walls - 180 sqm


Stucco Veneziano
Stucco Velvet

Project Description

Stairs 1st-2nd floor , dining room and restrooms decorated with classical Italian
Stucco Veneziano (natural lime-base), waxed and polished.

In 2013 the stairs was painted in blue color, in 2015 the color was changed to beidge.

The Family museum was painted in 2017 in Velvet Stucco in red pearl, combination of classic Stucco Veneziano and modern Pearl effects (soft touch). Eco-friendly decorative paints.

Stair Hall 1st — 2nd floor and Dining room applied the surface walls with classical Italian Stucco Veneziano (Marble effect) then waxed and polished.

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