Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer

The most advanced technology in stone finishes for interior & exterior.

The 100% natural stone surface is reinforced from the back with fiberglass for better stability. Ultra-thin (1,5 – 2 mm, it weighs about 1,5 kg / 1 sq.m.) stone veneers are flexible and could be applied on any surface: concrete, masonry, wallboard, metal, plywood and drywall, even for a column. It can be glued by PU adhesive, polyester resin, silicone or epoxy. The surface can be treated like natural stone, glossy or mat. Suitable for interior and exterior walls, ceiling, flooring, doors and cabinets, furniture, bathrooms, kitchen backsplash, building façade etc.



Sanjayani White, Stone Veneer

Sanjayani White

Indian Autumn Rustic, Stone Veneer

Indian Autumn Rustic

Star Galaxy, Stone Veneer

Star Galaxy

Silver Grey, Stone Veneer

Silver Grey

Burning Forest Copper, Stone Veneer

Burning Forest Copper

Ocean Green, Stone Veneer

Ocean Green

Spider Black, Stone Veneer

Spider Black

Spider White, Stone Veneer

Spider White

Zebra Black, Stone Veneer

Zebra Black

Indian Autumn, Stone Veneer

Indian Autumn

California Grey, Stone Veneer

California Grey

Terra Red, Stone Veneer

Terra Red

Silver Shine, Stone Veneer

Silver Shine

Jeera Green, Stone Veneer

Jeera Green

Rainbow Sandstone, Stone Veneer

Rainbow Sandstone

Teek Wood, Stone Veneer

Teek Wood



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